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<a href="http://attiministeriali.miur.it/anno-2014/gennaio/dd-23012014.aspx">http://attiministeriali.miur.it/anno-2014/gennaio/dd-23012014.aspx</a> <p> Notice concerning the <b>Scientific Independence of Young Researchers</b> program SIR 2014 <p> Each Principal Investigator (PI) must ensure that open access (free access online to any user) is provided to all peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly publications resulting from any funded research projects. In particular, the PI must: <p> a) deposit as soon as possible -- and no later than the time of publication of the research results -- an electronic copy of either the published version or the final version accepted for publication (after peer review) in a repository for scholarly publications. The PI should also undertake to provide the data required to validate the results presented in the deposited papers; <p> b) ensure that open access to the deposited publication and its data is provided -- via the repository - no later than either the date of publication (when the publisher makes a free electronic version available), or within six months of publication (twelve months for publications in the social sciences and humanities) in any other case
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Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca) (MIUR)
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02 January 2014
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01 January 2014
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