MedOANet Report on the European Workshop Released

The European Workshop of the MedOANet project took place in Braga (Portugal) on February 6th and 7th 2013, as part of a larger event, the UMinho Open Access Seminar, which included the MedOANet Workshop and the OpenAIREplus Interoperability Workshop.

The European Workshop aimed to bring together members of MedOANet national Task forces as well as decision-makers and representatives of relevant European and international organizations and initiatives, to discuss and provide conclusions or recommendations on how to implement coordinated policies in line with the European Commission’s initiatives (such as the Open Access Pilot on FP7 and OpenAIRE).

The three-day workshop was not only an opportunity to network and liaise, but also to promote the development and enhancement of repositories on the region, based on shared good practices and established standards and guidelines. Additionally, the wider European Open Access community had the opportunity of being informed on MedOANet’s accomplishments so far, as well as on the future tasks and activities. Regarding accomplishments, the project partners presented the state of Open Access in each of the six Mediterranean countries involved, including the results of the MedOANet surveys and the MedOANet national workshops, and highlighting recent developments, best practices and success cases in these countries.

The full report on the European workshop is available at http://www.medoanet.eu/sites/www.medoanet.eu/files/documents/D.3.1_Report%20on%20European%20Workshop.pdf