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HAL (Hyper Article en Ligne), is an open archive that already covers the fields of Physics, Mathematics and Humanities within CNRS and which is our software platform for our future institutional archive. The CNRS intends to establish an institutional archive a high quality and wide coverage repository of its research publication output. It is expected that the adoption of a highly incentivized institutional self-archiving policy for our researchers will ensure that the majority of CNRS publications deposited in the archive will also be made externally visible in Open Access.
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X-Other (Non-Mandate)
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CNRS (Centre National de la recherche scientifique)
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Date of Creation: 
17 March 2005
Last Harvest: 
23 October 2012
Name: Romary, Laurent ;Job Title: Head of Scientific and Technical Information
Source: ROARMAP - http://roarmap.eprints.org/9