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This site is an institutional repository for the 19 laboratories that make up the IN2P3 organisation. While much of the material is available in full text as represented by the size figure given here, some portions of the information are only bibliographic listings. Of this latter kind the repository lists 16,000 items. The site interface is in French with an English translation available, although some parts of the site are accessible in French only. Registered users can set up email alerts and a RSS feed is available for anyone interested in keeping up-to-date with newly added materials. The site offers a reasonably sophisticated interface offering a range of browsing options including by laboratory organisation & by arXiv & IN2P3 subject categorisation. The material within the site reflects the scientific disciplines engaged with across the organisation including applied and theoretical sciences, mathematics and engineering,
Partners: Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)
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01 January 2007
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26 November 2012
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