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The following ISCTE-IUL Intellectual Output Policy was established: a) Teachers and researchers at ISCTE-IUL who are authors or co-authors must archive their publications and documents in ISCTE-IUL Institutional Repository, to be made available in open access with the following exceptions: - Documents whose availability in open access may constitute an infraction to the license granted to third parties (editors, etc.) by the author(s) or by ISCTE-IUL, that contain confidential matters or are intended for commercialization (books, etc.), will not be available in open access in ISCTE-IUL Repository, but only referenced with the traditional metadata, or made available in restricted access to the ISCTE-IUL network; b) The organizational units (research centers, departments/schools) must sign and adopt self-archive policies for the scientific output of their members, based in the sample attached to the present document. c) Authors of thesis and dissertations approved by ISCTE-IUL must authorize the archive of their thesis or dissertation in ISCTE-IUL Repository.
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Institutional Mandate
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ISCTE-IUL - Lisbon University Institute
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Date of Creation: 
07 December 2010
Last Harvest: 
28 February 2011
Name: Segurado, Teresa ;Job Title: Librarian
Source: ROARMAP - http://roarmap.eprints.org/326