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The University of Porto approved in September 2008 an institutional policy for Open Access in the context of Budapeste, Bethesda and Berlim declarations and the Portuguese Board of Rectors (CRUP) declaration: http://repositorio.up.pt/files/Regulamentos_Open_Access.oden access and dissemination of its scientific output, the University of Porto... recommends that 1. All U Porto authors deposit, via the SIGARRA information system. all scientific work produced in context of their activities at the University. 2. This deposit includes the full text of each publication in PDF (Portable Document Format). 3. The deposit should be made open access, wherever possible. 4. Whenever possible, use the "SPARC Author Addendum in contracts with publishers, so as to retain noncommercial usage rights and the right to deposit in open access databases.
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X-Other (Non-Mandate)
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University of Porto
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30 January 2010
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23 October 2012
Name: Ribeiro, LĂ­gia Maria ;Job Title: Pro-rector
Source: ROARMAP - http://roarmap.eprints.org/261