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Content Policy 1. UnissResearch is the institutional repository University of Sassari. 2. UnissResearch will accept any material that relates to research output in any format, including multimedia, articles, book chapters, conference papers, working papers, patents, doctoral theses and unpublished research. 3. Research papers may include: unpublished pre-prints (not peer-reviewed), final peer-reviewed drafts (post-prints), published versions. 4. Research papers are individually tagged with their peer-review and publication status. 5. Principal Language: Italian. Submission 1. The aim of the University of Sassari Repository (UnissResearch) is to provide a permanent record of the research output of the University and maximise the visibility, usage and impact of this research through global access. 2. Where possible the repository will include an author deposited copy of the research paper/work or a deposit made by an authorised second party. 3. Deposit of full-text items is encouraged at the earliest possible opportunity with the option of an embargo facility to delay public visibility to meet funders� and publishers
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X-Other (Non-Mandate)
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University of Sassari
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18 January 2010
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23 October 2012
Name: Pilia, Elisabetta ;Job Title: Repository manager
Source: ROARMAP - http://roarmap.eprints.org/241