13 July 2012 Dublin
open access

Debate on Scientific Publishing and Open Access

Session of the Euroscience Open Forum 2012 Dublin (11th-15th of July) starting at 17.30
Alma Swan will be speaking!

From the webpage:
"This session will consider the issue of Quality Control in Scientific Publishing, both in the context of publication in for-profit journals and also in the context of a future move to Open Access journals. Against the backdrop of:

The proliferation of journals and the burgeoning of scientific publications,
Recent controversies over publication and subsequent corrections and retractions of flawed and fraudulent papers,
On-going community and political agitation for Open Access (OA),

the following questions will be posed:

Is the transition to full and immediate open access to research papers inevitable?
Does the growth of open access threaten the quality of research papers?
How will the science literature evolve over the foreseeable future, and how will the roles and funds of researchers, publishers, research councils and universities need to evolve with it?
How will the achievements of researchers be documented, accredited and judged in the future?"