10-12 September 2012 Oxford (UK)
open access

Digital Research 2012

Digital Research 2012 features an exciting three-day programme bringing the community together to showcase today’s digital research practice and innovation and set an influential agenda for tomorrow - from Big Data Analytics and e-Infrastructure to Citizen Science and Software Sustainability. We welcome researchers, research technologists and developers at all stages of their careers.

Some programme highlights:

New Science of New Data Symposium and Innovation Showcase (Monday 10th). Keynotes from social network analysis expert Noshir Contractor (Northwestern University) on Web Science, government open data director Nigel Shadbolt on Open Data, and a closing address by philosopher, computer scientist and political writer Kieron O'Hara - with twitter analytics, geolocated social media and informational citizenship in between. Also the launch of the Software Sustainability Institute's Fellows Programme and the community innovation showcase and workshops.

Future of Digital Research (Tuesday 11th). Keynotes from Stevan Harnad on "Digital Research: How and Why the RCUK Open Access Policy Needs to Be Revised", Jim Hendler (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) on "Broad Data" (not just big!), and Lizbeth Goodman (UCD) on "SMART spaces by and for SMART people". Sessions are themed on Open Science (with a data publishing panel), Smart Spaces as a Utility and future glimpses from the community.