22 October 2012 Braga (Portugal)

Portuguese National Workshop

The Portuguese National Workshop will be held at the University of Minho, Braga, on 22nd October 2012.
The main goal of this meeting is to gather the Portuguese Task Force members for the first time to debate the course of action regarding the Open Access in Portugal in terms of infrastructures and policies.

The Portuguese Task Force includes key decision-makers representing research performing institutions, scientific publishers and research funders. More specifically it comprises representatives of Universities and Higher Education Rectors, representatives of public and private research funders, and representatives of the scientific publishers, and other relevant public institutions which performing scientific research.
The meeting is organized in two moments: the first includes a set of presentations on MedOANet survey results, Open Access policies in Europe, and Open Access framework in Portugal. The second moment involves a debate on strategies on implementing Open Access policies and enforcing Open Access infrastructures in Portugal.