6-8 February 2013 Braga (Portugal)

UMinho Open Access Seminar

The University of Minho, in conjunction with OpenAIRE Project and MedOANet Project, is pleased to announce the UMinho Open Access Seminar. The event will take place at the University of Minho, Braga, from 6 to 8 February 2013.

Taking advantage of the opportunity that OA international experts working on both the OpenAIRE and MedOANet projects are gathering at the same place, UMinho is organizing an event which will include not only meetings of each project, but also public sessions on open access policies, open science, data repositories, interoperability and research infrastructures, that will bring together the communities from both projects and will be open to all interested in these issues.

The three-day seminar include the European Workshop of the MedOANet project – 6th Feb (by invitation only), the open Seminar – 7th Feb, and the OpenAIRE Interoperability Workshop – 8th Feb.

These series of events is aimed at members of both MedOANET and OpenAIRE projects, repository managers (both data and publications), data providers, OpenAIRE NOADs, open science practitioners, and librarians.

The MedOANet European Workshop will bring together decision-makers and task force representatives from the six Mediterranean countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey. It will also have the contribution of OA experts and representatives of relevant European and international organizations and initiatives. The workshop will produce a final document with conclusions/recommendations on how to implement coordinated policies in line with the European Commission’s Open Access policies and initiatives in view of the current state of OA in the aforementioned countries.

The OpenAIRE workshop will concentrate on interoperability between research infrastructures, namely between publication and data repositories. A fuller understanding of how data repositories can communicate with each other is an important milestone in OpenAIRE. The goals of the workshop are: 1) dissemination and awareness of OpenAIRE guidelines. This will include a discussion of uptake by national initiatives and identification of data initiatives; 2) a technical discussion about the challenges and approaches to interoperability faced by OpenAIRE. Selected data sources will be present and the focus on discussions will be on how to create links, the challenges involved and how to prioritize. Other topics of discussion will include metadata formats, usage statistics, unique IDs, input/output formats and interpretation of enhanced publications.