Spanish National Workshop

The Spanish National Workshop has been celebrated on October 22nd, 2012. It has been organized by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) as part of the International Open Access week agenda.

The Spanish Task Force brings together all stakeholders involved in the Open Access movement: decision makers, research evaluation agencies, researchers, librarians and scientific editors. FECYT is working with them all in order to obtain their contributions for developing a roadmap on how to implement properly the Article 37 of the new Law of Science, Technology and Innovation about Open Access.

For the National Workshop there were invited speakers from those Regional Governments that already have an OA mandate (Madrid and Asturias), from public Universities with OA mandate (Autonomous University of Barcelona and University of Alicante), and experts in copyright issues. Also, a live connection was made with the Portuguese National Workshop.

This workshop brought about an important link between all stakeholders, and it fostered the debate and dialogue among them. Good practices and successful cases were shared. Also, stakeholders had the opportunity to have the European vision about the OA situation.